Chocolate Flavored Envelopes Make Mailing Jobs Delicious

Licking envelopes is not something many people look forward to.  It’s bad enough doing it for the dozens of cards you send out during Christmas.  When you have to do it for a job, like when you mail out sales letters for days on end, I can only imagine the horror.  These Chocolate Flavored Envelopes should help make the work a lot more tolerable.

Granted, these would have been ideal for use during the holidays when the endless amount of all-in-one stamped greeting cards I had to stuff into envelopes had me tasting that light glue for days on end.  Yeah, that sucked.  We’re not sure why they decided to release it now with only Valentine’s around the corner, but we guess those with 7 wives, 8 girlfriends and a couple of entertainment dancers you visit on a regular basis can really benefit.

The Chocolate Flavored Envelopes each come with a note card where you can scribble messages of love and adoration for your 7 wives and 8 girlfriends.  The best part, though, is not having to put up with that glue — instead, the flaps are clad in a chocolate flavor, so you end up with the taste of sweet candy in your mouth instead of some crappy flavor humans aren’t meant to be putting into their pieholes.

Each set comes with 10 pieces of 5 x 7 inch notecards with matching chocolate-flavored envelopes.  Even if you’re only mailing cards to one Valentine this year, it’s probably a good idea to keep a few on stock, so you don’t have to put up with abominable-tasting envelopes when another holiday, birthday or anniversary comes up.  Price for a set is $12.99.

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