These Chocolate Skulls Look Way Too Real

You love chocolates.  And you like having some in your desk at all times.  But since you work with people who are bored out of their wits for 8 hours a day, putting a slab of chocolate on your desk ensures people will be asking for a small piece every few minutes. And it will be all gobbled up well before lunch break.  You need something less inviting.  These Chocolate Skulls might help.

Sized and cast to genuinely mimic real human skulls, these novelty chocolates don’t look like candies at all.  As such, you can tell people you just bought a real human skull on eBay and want to keep it on your table for giggles.  It looks just as gross and creepy as any display skull would, too, so there’s very little chance anyone would suspect them as anything else.

Each Chocolate Skull measures 16 x 21 x 16 cm. and weighs 2.5 kgs.  Molded on authentic human skulls, each one is cast by hand in intricate detail, complete with cracks and scars.  They aren’t colored like regular chocolates, either, but look like stained bones freshly dug out of a 1,000 year old grave.  Suffice to say, you won’t have to work hard to convince people you have a skull on your desk.  They come in three flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

But how do you eat them?  Easy.  Just take a piece from anywhere on the skull and shove it in your mouth.  Never mind the holes and cracks — they look just like natural marks on the skull (since it looks worn and old already).  And if people ever look at you weird because you’re eating pieces off a skull in the office, give them the stink eye and stick your tongue out like a cannibal.  That will keep them away for a week, guaranteed.

Firebox has the Chocolate Skull available now, priced at £349.99 each.

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