These Chocolate Tools Won’t Fix Anything Other Than Your Sweet Tooth


Chances are, we’ve all seen chocolate molded in the shape of handyman tools before. No matter how many you’ve seen, however, we doubt you’ve come across anything with a resemblance as lifelike as these Chocolate Tools from Firebox.

Shaped to look like actual shop tools, each of the chocolates bear an impeccable realism that will make you do a double take. We don’t mean just the shape like most molded chocolates, but they replicated the darn things down to the intricate details, including indentations, labels, and depressions along the surface. Heck, they’re even colored to look like actual tools, making the finished product look more like it belongs in a toolbox rather than stuffed in your mouth.


Three types of Chocolate Tools are available: a hammer, a spanner, and a pipe wrench. Each one is sized like its actual tool counterpart (approximately 14.2 x 25.4 x 5.3 cm), too, so it’s a big hunk of chocolate that you’re likely not finishing in one sitting (unless you’re one of those folks who can gobble up chocolates like its water). Made using Belgian chocolate, they should be plenty tasty, as well. And, yes, they come with nuts (and by nuts, we mean the edible kind, not the one that goes with bolts).


A perfect gift for handymen with an indomitable sweet tooth, each Chocolate Tool is priced at £14.99. Yes, your recipient will likely be saddened when they first see the gift (oh no, not another wrench), but we doubt that will last once they realize what they’re actually getting.


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