Chocomize Lets You Cook Up Custom Chocolate Bars

Tired of the same old chocolate munchies you can buy off the shelf?  Check out Chocomize, a service for sweet tooths hankering for a custom chocolate bar experience.

A milk bar with Cheerios and mini-marshmallows?  Check.  Dark chocolate with bacon?  Not a problem.  White chocolate topped with a heaping of beef jerky, diced ginger and curry powder?  Gross, but definitely approved.  Like your very own chocolate factory, the company lets you fashion treats that would have otherwise stayed in your sugar-addled imagination.

Chocomize starts you off with a simple choice: dark, milk or white chocolate bar base, all premium Belgian.   From there, you get to pick from 80 default ingredients (nuts, fruits, herbs, spices, candies, decorations and others), churning out up to 30 billion different possible combinations.  You can also pick from pre-selected customer favorites, such as the Berry Bar (milk chocolate with a variety of berries), Hawaiian Sunset (milk chocolate with macadamia, coconut flakes and pineapple) and Chocolate on Chocolate (milk chocolate with tons of other chocolate pieces).

We’re not sure if you can bribe them to fashion something entirely yours, like dark chocolate with fresh Leprechaun meat.  But with all the gold coins you’re intent on paying with, they just might give in.

During checkout, you can even name your chocolate bar whatever you like.  You can buy from as few as a single piece to as many as you need, with additional benefits (special ingredients, custom packaging and exclusive rights) for bulk orders.  Price starts at $3.85 for the base, with varying rates for each additional ingredient.

[Chocomize via Uncrate]