Chol1 S1llon Sofa Comes With A Handy Bike Mount In The Back


If you’re going to keep a bicycle inside the apartment, you’re going to need a proper mount to keep it from dirtying the floor. In case you really don’t have the wall space to accommodate a full-sized bike, though, how about mounting it in the back of the couch instead? Seriously, that’s what you’ll be doing with the S1llon.

Made by Chilean specialty furniture company Chol1, it’s a couch with a built-in rack in the back for docking a bicycle. That way, you can keep the bike away from the floor, without having to take down any of the much needed shelves or cabinets you’ve previously installed on the wall.


The Chol1 S1llon measures 44 x 180 x 90 cm, enough to fit two people comfortably or three, if you’re willing to squeeze in uncomfortably. Behind the seats, it comes what looks like a storage cabinet with cutouts on top, where you’re supposed to fit in the bicycle’s tires. We can’t find details on the kind of wheel and tire sizes this can accommodate, although the cutouts do look a bit too narrow to properly accommodate a fat tire BMX. Yeah, you’ll have to find other accommodations for that.


It holds the bike at a height that should make the handlebars unobtrusive to anyone sitting on the couch, barring NBA centers and other super-tall individuals. Construction is natural pine plywood for the sofa, with the mattresses upholstered in either white, black, or tan.

Available now, the Chol1 S1llon is priced at $522.

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