These Chomping Dino Heads Turn Your Hands Into A Jurassic Fist


Wearing monster-sized hands, whether it’s a pair of giant lobster claws or robot fists, is never not fun. Turns out, it’s even more fun when your hands turn into a pair of dinosaur heads about to take a bite out of whatever the heck it wants to. That’s exactly what happens when you wear the Chomping Dino Head.

Made by Hasbro, it’s a hand puppet that puts a gaping-jawed dinosaur over your fist. Whether for staging hand-to-hand dinosaur battles, putting together the most ridiculous three-headed dinosaur costume ever, or just going about your day with a dinosaur best friend at your beck and call, this will do the trick.


While gnarly-looking, the Chomping Dino Heads are actually made from foam, so it’s completely safe to bite people’s necks using the dinosaur’s mouth and pretend to decapitate them the way we imagine the awesome dinosaurs in Jurassic World would. It comes in two designs, a velociraptor and a T-rex, both with their mouths wide open and their sharp teeth on full display.   Since it’s foam, we’re guessing you can close the mouth to properly chomp away at its unfortunate victims, so your hand remains functional in a claw-like capacity. Heck, you might even be able to grab a beer even with these things in tow – instant koozie.


The Chomping Dino Head will be available in the spring, priced at $19.99 each.

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