Chopper Shocker: The Lowrider Bicycle


When the world’s gas supply finally runs out, this is what greasy bikers will be rocking down the road.

The Chopper Shocker borrows its aesthetics from lowrider motorcycles, complete with wide-profile handlebars and low-mounted seat. Its operation, however, is entirely pedal-powered, making it easily the coolest-looking bicycle I’ve ever seen.

Its creators don’t give out much details about the ride, choosing instead to regale us with photos of the unique two-wheeler. That’s no problem, either, given how cool the damn thing looks. Where was this thing when I was 13 and riding bikes all day?


I harbor nothing but doubt, though, about how comfortable it is to ride, but the dude on the picture sure looks like he’s enjoying it. I have a feeling this is a bit difficult to pedal and will probably need to be handled differently, as well. While that posture looks more akin for cruising than racing, adding some gear magic into it should add a little more power to every push on the pedal. Potential difficulties, notwithstanding, who wouldn’t to hit the streets on this thing?

Credit for the original concept and design of the Chopper Shocker goes to Sven Fischer, while the actual creation was managed by Team Tentakulus. Can someone please put this in stores, like, right now?

[Team Tentakulus via Toxel]