Chopula Is A Spatula With Chopping Talents


Does the world really need a better spatula?  I don’t know, but I won’t be averse to having the Chopula in my kitchen.

A slightlier fancier spatula with a descriptive name to boot, the cooking tool will help you toss and turn food in the fryer just like any regular spatula.  Except it can also chop food conveniently while the grub drowns in oil, allowing you to slice that sausage in the pan without risking burns to any part of your hand (which isn’t entirely bad, since it gives you reason to wear Bacon Band-Aids).

Sure, you can chop eggs and meats of reasonable thickness with the edge of a regular-bladed spatula, too.  The Chopula, however, has one side of the head much wider than the other (making it look very odd), so your hand never has to get as close to the burning-hot pan as with more traditional food-turning hand tools.  Granted, that’s probably a problem you’re not looking to solve (I mean, there are dedicated tools for slicing food while cooking), but having the option handy sure is nice.

Aside from the unusual shape, the uneven head will let you scrape the pan without scratching cookware using its multi-curved edges, while the bendable neck lets you sit it up for even greater distance when lifting food.  It’s made from premium-grade silicone and is dishwasher-safe.

The Chopula is available from Dreamfarm, priced at $12.95.  Now, if only they can add this head to the Clip n Cook modular spatula


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