This Dummy Zombie Target Bleeds And Wounds For Realistic Shooting Practice


Shooting zombie posters for target practice is fun. You know what could be more fun, though? Firing a rifle at real zombies. Since the T-virus hasn’t quite been unleashed yet, that isn’t possible. However, you can bring a little more realism to your zombie target practice with the Chris Zombie Target.

A tactical dummy, it’s a mannequin clad in the likeness of a life-sized zombie that you can lay to waste with your favorite ammo. Whether you want to do some practice shooting with a concealed carry revolver, blow off some steam with an automatic, or stab at something with your twisted dagger, this thing should make target practice just a little more interesting.


The Chris Zombie Target actually comes with a zombie-like constitution, so it will bleed and get wounded with every hit it takes. They claim it can take over 1,000 rounds before being utterly wrecked and no longer fun to shoot at, so the whole gang can take turns going at this thing for hours and hours of fun. Seriously, if you use it by yourself, you can have a fun zombie target to shoot at in the backyard for weeks, if not months. Do note, the dummy is only from the waist up, so you can’t practice your leg shots with this thing. Each one comes with a wood stake that you can use to plant the zombie on the ground at a life-like height.


Available now, the Chris Zombie Target is priced at $55.

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