This AWD Fat Bike Is Designed To Ride Across Antarctica


Riding a bicycle across Antarctica sounds like an absolutely insane proposition. That, however, is exactly what Australian adventurer Kate Leeming is looking to do this time next year. To do that, she needs a specialized bike – one that can handle the rigors of whatever lies in that patch of the world. That would be the Christini All Wheel Drive Fat Bike.

Yes, it looks like an ordinary fat bike. That’s because they hid the AWD setup to give the ride a clean look, using a telescoping drive shaft that runs inside the frame via universal joints. This shaft goes from the rear wheel, up to the head tube, and down to the crown of the fork, where it transfers power to the front wheel. Suffice to say, there is a lot of clever engineering involved.


The Christini All Wheel Drive Fat Bike comes in two models: one with 4-inch tires and one with the same 5-inchers that Leeming is riding in Antarctica next year. Both get an aluminum frame with the integrated AWD system running inside, with a carbon fork and three sizes, so you can get one best suited to your height and body type. Suffice to say, all the parts, from the wheels to the drivetrain to the brakes, are high-end, since this thing will need to reliably function in one of the harshest environments known to man. Oh yeah, they also offer electric-assist versions of both if you prefer a little boost.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to for the Christini All Wheel Drive Fat Bike. Pledges to reserve a bike start at $4,995.

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