Finally, The NBA Made Christmas Day Jerseys That Actually Look Perfect For The Holidays


I’ve never paid much attention to the NBA’s Christmas jerseys. Mostly because while they were different, they didn’t really come across as anything special. Apparently not this year’s Christmas Day NBA Kit, though, which pairs erstwhile regular-looking game jerseys with cheery-looking holiday-style typography.

A part of the Adidas NBA Season’s Greeting Collection, the jerseys don’t just look like alternate uniforms that could have been worn any other time, like some of the past Christmas day kits. Instead, they really do look all manners of Christmas, all without resorting to putting a graphic of Santa Claus, reindeers, or snowmen like your favorite Christmas suits.


The Christmas Day NBA Kit does that by using a new script for the team name, player name, and number that looks similar to the jovial lettering you’ll see used in the ornaments and decorations that come part of the holiday season. It’s a very distinct look and the jersey incorporates them stylishly, pairing the typography with the primary team colors, cream tones (hey Christmas and egg nogs go together), woven rows of stitching, and a scarlet NBA seal in the back as a nod to all the Christmas letters you’ll send (or won’t send, but have been totally meaning to) this year.


Just in case you’re wondering, the Pelicans, Heat, Bulls, Spurs, Rockets, Warriors, Thunder, Clippers, Lakers, and Cavs all have games scheduled on the 25th, so you can get their jerseys in the special Christmas Day design. They’re available now, priced at $109.99.

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