Christmas Handyman Gear: The Holiday Decorator’s Toolvest

Being the resident handyman of your abode, it will be your manly duty to take down the Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas lights later in the year.  Just like any job, those holiday lighting duties will get a tad easier once you have the right equipment.  You need the Holiday Decorator’s Toolvest.

Designed by “holiday lighting professionals” (if you can believe there is such a profession), the utility vest aims to make your holiday decorating as efficient as possible.  How?  By having so many compartments, you can take a whole stash of decorations with you, minimizing the number of trips up and down the ladder you’ll need to make.

The Holiday Decorator’s Toolvest is made from weather-resistant, heavy-duty polyester, with a whole lot of sections for a full load of decorating favors.  Multiple zippered and open pockets let you carry a veritable box of tools and decorations, including a specialized water-resistant compartment for your phone (hey, someone can be texting you something important).  A unique storage pack on the  back lets you haul up to 20 strands of Christmas lights, keeping the wires out of the way while holding it within arm’s reach.

It has quick-release locking clips for easy removal and assembly on your body, as well as reflective strips, so the neighbors can see you working on your holiday decorations at night.  Granted, it’s not the sexiest wearable handyman gear we’ve seen, but it’s one that’s guaranteed to ease your decorating duties.

Chances are, the Holiday Decorator’s Toolvest will be perfectly usable for putting up your Halloween decorations, too.  There’s still time.  Hammacher Schlemmer has it for $79.95.

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