Hide Your Booze In Plain Sight With These Christmas Spirit Tree Ornaments


You care about family and all, but dealing with the in-laws, the parents, and the visiting cousins on Christmas can really get a little too much. And a stiff drink at just the right time can do a lot to help you through the ordeal. Problem is, any bottle you leave half full at any part of the house always ends up being tapped out by one of the multitudes of people around the digs during the holidays. You need a better way of securing your libations and these Christmas Spirit Shots just might do the trick.

Made by Suck UK, it’s a set of Christmas baubles that you can hang on the evergreen tree (or that weird geometric structure you call a tree) in the living room. Unlike ordinary holiday ornaments, though, they can double as drink containers that you can fill up with booze for hiding your stash, so you can enjoy them at your own leisure.


The Christmas Spirit Shots feature a screw-on cap, so you can easily detach the baubles while leaving the cap still hanging on the tree. That way, you can easily retrieve each bauble either for consuming the vodka you hid there last night or fill it up from the bottle of whiskey you stole from the boss’ mini-bar at work.   The baubles measure 2.5 inches tall and 2.16 inches in diameter, so each one can probably hold a little more than a single shot at a time.


Available now to hide your booze this coming Christmas, the Christmas Spirit Shots is priced at £9.99 for a set of four differently-colored baubles.

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