Christopher Ward’s C1 Grand Malvern Delivers World Timer in a Stylish Package

Luxury watches provide a sense of satisfaction when you purchase the right one and use for longer periods of time. There are several luxury brands with price tags that could make your wallet cry. Rolex, Tag Heuer are such brands but Christopher Ward is more of a lesser known gem that specializes in making more affordable watches.

The average buyer may still find it expensive but the different type of components they use and the features provided are on par with any other luxury watch you might find in the market. The designs used by new brands are sometimes inspired by some of the popular models. However, the designers have always done their best to distinguish them from the rest by fusing in their own ideas and providing a unique purchase that buyers would be willing to pay for. Value for money is what the Christopher Ward brand has always focused on and their latest watch is worth every dime spent.

Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern

World Timer is one of the key components of any conventional watch. Using smart gadgets is now so old school as a lot of users are moving towards paper, pen and actual watches. After all, you can set yourself apart from the crowd by owning a watch that lets you know what’s happening on the other end of the world with just a glance.Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern WorldtimerThe new Christopher Ward’s watch tries to surpass the conventional 24-hour display with a list of top cities specified throughout the dial and may also sometimes expect the users to be aware of GMT to calculate it. This new watch is a mechanical world timer which is not easy to find in the mainstream market especially with a price tag of just $1500, making it affordable for most buyers.

The brand has named it the C1 Grand Malvern World Timer which has a very simplistic yet luxurious look by its own standards. After all, when you spend over a grand, you will definitely get some quality components which adds up to the overall style of the watch and it is not only great to look at but it’s also productive for people who travel a lot. Even if you don’t spend a part of your life flying and attending conferences in different parts of the world, you still can make use of it when there are businesses or clients operating in various cities spread around the globe.C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer

The watch is rather large with a 43.5 mm case and runs on the automatic Calibre JJ03 movement and the world map along with major cities of the world is mentioned on the dial to easily read the time. Buyers can choose between different leather straps including Camel Brown and Blue based on their preference. The dial of the watch is quite big in size and this is an ideal fit for people with large wrists and those who would like to have a luxurious product within a more affordable range.

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