Behold, The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Food mash-ups are definitely a thing these days.  Sometimes, it works, like the case with the Waffle Taco.  Sometimes, it doesn’t.  One look at this Churro Ice Cream Sandwich, though, and the watering in your mouth tells all you need to know about which camp it belongs in.

Made by LA-based pop-up operation Churro Borough, it combines two well-loved desserts into one cold, sweet treat that’s tough to imagine not being an instant crowd-favorite any place you see it being sold.  Just look at the darn thing.  Sugar, frozen sugar, and more sugar — welcome to the summer snack of your fat dreams.

The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich inserts a small scoop of ice cream between two sugar-covered churro doughs that are rolled into a flat spiral shape.   Each one is small enough to fit completely in your mouth, so it’s tempting to pop five of these in rapid-fire succession like you would with donut holes and tiny slider burgers.   Do note, that will probably numb your mouth and teeth before you even take a couple chews, so, yeah, probably a bad idea.  The ice cream is offered in four standard flavors (vanilla custard, horchata, Mexican chocolate, Spanish latte), as well as several seasonal specialties, like orange creamsicle and panna cotta.

Sadly, Churro Borough doesn’t have a permanent store where you can pick up these Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches every time you get a craving.  They do, however, set up pop up shops at numerous events around LA (you can check their website for the upcoming schedule), as well as cater private functions.

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