Cigar Stub Lets You Enjoy Your Smokes Down To The Last Puff


Sick of burning your fingers while smoking the rear end of your stogies (or whatever other stuff you like to light up)?  Salvation is here in the form of the Cigar Stub, a smoking accessory that lets you enjoy your smokes down to the last puff.

Experts say the sweet spot of cigars (where the most flavor sits) starts when there are only three inches remaining.  With the lighted end so close to your fingers, though, you’ll be charring your paws before you even get close to maximizing the enjoyment.  This elegant accessory puts an end to that, allowing you to grab a hold of that shrinking nub with utmost comfort.  Simply wrap the device’s claw around the stub, wedge it between your fingers like a cigar and smoke to your heart’s content.


Made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the Cigar Stub looks a few notches (okay, several dozen) classier than pulling out a roach clip or a makeshift claw (like a hairpin or tweezer) to hang on to your nubs.  The makers promise a no-slip design, sturdy construction (it won’t break when dropped) and full ergonomic comforts.  It folds into a small, pocketable shell (about the size of a breath spray), so you can slip it into your pants with no trouble.

Designed to facilitate a natural posture while handling, it lets you sit back, lie down or do whatever you normally do when enjoying a fine cigar.  The manufacturer suggests pulling out the contraption when there’s around two inches left to make sure you don’t scathe those delicate fingers.

The Cigar Stub is currently on pre-order for $39.99 apiece.  It comes in silver, satin black, light gold and gunmetal finish.

[Cigar Stub via Thrillist]