Cinch To Hang Lets You Install Hooks Onto Trees Without Nails, Spikes Or Ropes

When you’re camping, it’s not that hard to turn nature into your giant storage space: just hammer a couple of nails on a tree bark (use ThumbSaver if you don’t want to smash your fingers or something) and you’ll have hooks to hang all the gear you brought along.  Problem is, the damage and scarring they do to trees isn’t something you’re supposed to be inflicting.  You know, leave no trace and all that.  Cinch To Hang offers a more sustainable alternative.

Made by Action Items, it consists of plastic hooks attached to a long flat strap that you can wrap around a tree bark, immediately giving it a whole host of hooks to hang your bags, supplies, clothing and other gear from.  Better yet, it does that without leaving any marks on the trees — no holes, no cracks and no scrapes the way nails, spikes and even ropes would do.

Cinch To Hang’s strap can fit around trees up to four feet in diameter, with each strap able to support up to four retractable plastic hooks (you can add more, although they discourage it, since max load is 50 pounds).  Stowed away, it measures just 2 x 4 x 1 inches, allowing you to bring a half dozen of these things without losing a lot of space on your bag.   While designed for camping and other outdoor activities, this should make for a useful storage space inside the house, too, provided you have posts or similar structures (like, I don’t know, the punching bag hanging in the basement-slash-home-gym you rarely use) where you can wrap the strap around.

You can buy Cinch To Hang in sets of two, priced at $18.95.

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