Cinematographics Murals Bring Movie Graphics To Your Walls

Unless you’re a teenager or a movie buff, movie-themed decals just seem a little too unsophisticated for adorning your home’s walls.  Still, I can’t help but gush over just how pretty these Cinematographics Wall Murals are.

Made by Pixers, the collection consists of high-quality decals, each one based on a popular film.  Available in a variety of custom sizes from small to huge, the adhesive murals can cover up entire walls in any part of your digs, whether you plaster it across the living room, the bedroom or the entertainment center.

Eight designs are included in the Cinematographics Wall Murals, with images culled from Django Unchained, Drive, The Dark Knight, The Mask, Amelie, Forrest Gump, Star Wars, and Skyfall, respectively.  Each one features imagery lifted from promotional posters of the movies, done up in geometric motifs that are intended to blend well with modern home decor.  That way, you can cover up your walls with movie art without feeling like you’re regressing back in maturity to your carefree college days.

All the murals are made from a variety of materials (can be chosen during ordering), with clear backgrounds to make them mesh seamlessly with the walls.  Each one can be infused with a variety of photographic effects, too, if you want it even louder than usual.

The Cinematographics Wall Murals are available, with prices starting at $48.

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