Make Sleeping In Your Bedroom Feel Like Sleeping In A Car With This VW Camper Bed


Yes, you can pay a contractor to build a nice looking bedroom in your open layout home studio. But why bother when you can just bring in an iconic VW camper as your new bedroom? That’s exactly what happens with the Circu Bun Van.

No, it’s not an actual VW camper van that’s been fitted with a comfortable bed. Instead, it’s a fiberglass reproduction that’s been fitted with a comfortable bed. Just place this anywhere in the space and you’ve got yourself an instant bedroom that also happens to be a VW camper for everyone who visits your house to gawk at.


We guess, you can think of the Circu Bun Van Bed as an adult version of those race car beds for children. Well, as adult as anyone who would willingly put a bed like that in their bedroom would be anyway. Like those race car beds, it’s non-operational, so it would just stand there, stuck like a broken-down van in the junk yard, albeit one that’s fitted with some comfy amenities. Aside from the bed, it comes fitted with multiple storage compartments, a TV, a secretary, a mini-bar, and even a sofa on the cabin, so it’s a literal bedroom in itself.


Construction is fiberglass for the exterior with chrome-plated finishes and palisander wood veneer for the interior. It measures 13.1 x 6.1 x 7.2 feet (w x d x h).

Do note, the Circu Bun Van Bed is made-to-order, so it’s going to cost something serious. No pricing is listed, but you can inquire directly from Circu. Oh yeah, if you can’t afford this one, maybe you can just set up a VW Camper Tent around your bed instead.

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