City Boy Portable Picnic Grill Might Actually Fit In Your Backpack

Looking for the smallest, most portable grill you can bring to an afternoon at the beach?  Look no further than the City Boy Picnic Grill, a rectangular outdoor cooker than looks more like a lunch box than a tool to help you char that barbecue.

Made by Selki-Asema and designed by Klaus Aalto, it’s literally a compact box with a top handle and a knob in front.  It looks particularly sleek for a grill, which will probably make people mistake it for some kind of retro radio gadgetry.  Personally,  I think it will look amazing plastered with some paint and decals to appear like some kind of robot — that knob should make for quite a cute snout.

The City Boy Picnic Grill measures 8.7 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches (h x w x d), which should make it around the same size as Coleman’s half-gallon water coolers — plenty ideal for picnics and day trips.   Body is constructed using powder-coated steel, with stainless steel used for the grates and handle (oak was used for the grip).  It uses a gas burner from Primus as the primary cooking hardware, powered by a standard 225g gas cartridge.

While you’ll likely be restricted to cooking one burger at  a time with this thing (two, if you shape them like rectangles), it does make for a grill that you can literally squeeze into a day trip backpack.   And that’s a very good thing.  The City Boy Picnic Grill is available now, priced at $229.

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