This Cute Parisian Model Building Uses Its Windows To Tell The Time


It looks like a model of a classic Parisian building. And, well, it is. However, the City Clock is also a timekeeping object, allowing it to tell the time while looking like a purely decorative item.

Designed to be placed on shelves and side tables, the clock should make a unique presence all around the home, whether it ends up keeping time in the living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen. Because of the classical design, this thing won’t look out of place among traditional decorative objects, either, ensuring you can place it among other display items in a shelf.


The City Clock tells time using the windows on the building’s façade. Each column of windows represents one digit when you add the lighted windows up, while each row corresponds to a specific number, namely 1 for the first floor, 2 for the second floor, 4 for the third, and 8 for the fourth. It tells the time military-style, so if it’s 12 AM (four zeros in military time), it will have all the second and fourth floor windows lit up. If it’s 09:15 AM, it will light up the second floor and fourth floor on the first column; the first floor and fourth floor on the second; the first floor on the third; and the third and first floor on the fourth. Do note, it needs to be plugged in (either to an outlet or a USB port), so you can’t simply move it around the house like a battery-powered clock.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the City Clock. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €90.

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