City Cycling Guide Set: Traveling Europe On Two Wheels

There’s a good amount of backpacking guides through Europe available from most bookstores.  If you’d rather see Europe on two pedal-powered wheels than on your two feet, however, the City Cycling Guide Set might prove a more helpful traveling companion.

Sure, a regular travel book can show you walking and commuting destinations in and around every city.  This set, however, points out those you can navigate specifically with a bicycle in tow, making your experience cruising around Europe’s major cycling cities more positive and fulfilling.  No more passing through a no-bike street, getting cited for riding down sidewalks, or locking down your bike on unauthorized parking spots when visiting local landmarks — you can get to know the city the way local cyclists do.  Finally, shipping your bike on the trip with you doesn’t have to end up being a horrible idea.

Made by Rapha in collaboration with Thames and Hudson, the City Cycling Guide Set is a slipset consisting of eight pocket-sized guides measuring 115 x 175 mm apiece.  One booklet is devoted to each of the featured cities, namely Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, and Paris.   Every guide is illustrated by a local artist sourced from the respective cities, with Max Leonard and Andrew Edwards providing the written guides and general design direction.   Aside from travel instructions, it comes with maps and functional charts to make navigating each metropolis by bicycle a hassle-free affair.

The City Cycling Guide Set is available now, priced at $40.

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