Walk Around San Francisco Like Godzilla With CityVR


Ever wished you can experience how it feels to be a gigantic monster terrorizing an entire city? Now you can with CityVR, a virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive that lets you wander around a big city as a Godzilla-sized individual.

Developed by Amber Garage, the game lets you loose in a digitally-recreated cityscape of San Francisco, which was built using satellite and drone images, along with topographical data. As such, it should be a faithful recreation of the Bay Area city, with every landmark, skyscraper, and house reproduced in great detail. Granted, you can’t exactly uproot towers, chop off skyscrapers, or break the Golden Gate bridge in half, but it’s about as immersive as it gets when it comes to feeling like Godzilla.


Like many open world games, CityVR lets you interact with some of the buildings, although the experience is limited to touching them, as opposed to wreaking havoc. Once you get your fill of walking around in giant mode, you can shrink down to normal size to explore the city like a tourist without having to leave your bedroom (or mom’s basement, whichever the case may be). You can also teleport from one place to another, so there’s no need to walk ten blocks to get to a landmark if you don’t feel like it.


While it’s currently restricted to San Francisco, Amber Garage will be offering more maps for download soon. Currently on the docket are Chicago and New York, with more cities expected to be available.

CityVR is now available on Steam.

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