Civic Duty Makes Shoes From FedEx Envelopes

Ever wondered whether you can use envelopes for shoes?  You probably never even thought about it, but if you have, the answer is apparently “yes.”  At least, that’s the case with Civic Duty’s footwear, all of which are built out of Tyvek, the lightweight paper-like material used in the mail pouch you received the last time someone from FedEx knocked at the door.

Creator Steven Weinreb first came up with the idea of using the unusual material after  working with a sneaker company who packaged their travel sneakers in a Tyvek bag.  After a year of development, he came up with the first model in the line, soon followed by four others.

Civic Duty’s roster of recyclable sneakers consists of the Fascination (lace-up), Exhiliration (low top), Dedication (slip-on), Sensation (chukka boot) and Illumination (high top).  The upper material is dyed in one of eight colors (white, periwinkle, yellow, fudge brownie, paper bag, red, gunmetal gray and navy) before being intentionally wrinkled, adding a ragged, crumpled paper look to the footwear.  Afterwards, its sewn to a recyclable rubber sole, turning out a stylishly unique pair of casual sneakers.

In case you’re worried about durability, don’t be — Tyvek is incredibly difficult to tear and can probably shrug off water better than your umbrella.  Branding is also confined to a logo on the tongue and an argyle strip down the back of the heel, making the entire collection look particularly sleek.

The Civic Duty sneakers are now available in both men’s and women’s sizes, with prices ranging from $54 to $59.

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