Classic Match Foosball Turns Your iPad Into A Mini Foosball Table

You already use your iPad as a pinball cabinet, a game show buzzer and a video arcade box, so why stop there?  Let’s just go ahead and use it as a foosball table with the Classic Match Foosball.

Made by New Potato Technology, the gaming accessory turns your already versatile slate onto a new purpose: as a mini foosball table.  Granted, this is way smaller than the ones you play with while sloshed on drinks at the bar, but for the purposes of recreating a real foosball game without forking out for an expensive table, this will definitely do the trick.

The Classic Match Foosball takes the form of a mini-table with foldable legs, complete with eight pegs (2-axis control bars with elastomer handles) for realistic and tactile foosball play.  The iPad sits on a slot on top, acting as the playing table with virtual rods moving in time with the movement of each corresponding peg.  Launch buttons are available at each end of the table, along with manual scoring markers so you can keep track of the goals old-school style.

It only works with one app, a similarly-named free title you can get from the App Store.  The game comes with multiple layouts, different play fields and up to four-person play (though, realistically, four people sound a bit crowded playing on a 10-inch game table).  The catch?  It’s only compatible with 3rd generation and older iPads — the newest model isn’t supported (likely because of the Lightning port).

Available now, the Classic Match Foosball retails for $99.99.

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