Classy-Looking Freeline Sun Bed Splits In Two, Perfect For Love-Hate Couples On Vacation


Want to class it up while lounging under the sun?  This is how you do it: Freeline’s Island Sun Bed.

Hoisted on a circular body, the summer-ready fixture sports two reclining mattresses, so you can invite a friend to come over for some fun under the sun.

Got into a bad argument with your bunk buddy?  Not a problem.  The bed can split in two, so you can each while the afternoon away separately.

Yep, you can rip it apart right in the middle, making it perfect for love-hate couples.  If you happen to get the side with the umbrella, make sure to hide the sunscreen.  That will teach your partially-estranged lover to mess with you next time.


Available as a part of the Netherlands-based company’s Island Collection, the outdoor oasis drips  with contemporary flair.  It features fully-upholstered cushions, four umbrella slots and edges that ably serve as table areas for your drinks.  The included 360-degree tilting umbrella boasts a stainless steel pole and teak wood ribs, looking every bit as sophisticated as the rest of the piece.

With steel casters at the underside, this looks more fitting for the poolside or an outdoor balcony, instead of right on the beach.  Wherever you put it, it should play awesome, able to serve you through love and war.  No pricing yet, but the “keep your distance” capability sure sounds nifty.

[Freeline via Trendir]