Claw Broom Combines Broom And Rake To Simplify Your Yardwork

When doing yardwork, it’s not unusual to find yourself frequently switching between a rake and a broom. You use the broom to sweep the driveway and walkways, then switch to the rake when clearing debris off the yard. It’s simple enough. The Claw Broom, however, thinks it can be even simpler.

Combining elements of both a rake and a broom into one, the tool allows you to do most yardwork with just a single tool, sweeping and raking every dirt and debris in sight with equal aplomb. From gardens and patios to walkways and decking, this thing should handle many outdoor cleaning tasks all on its own, allowing you to perform basic yardwork with just one tool in hand.

The Claw Broom replaces the traditional broom head with stiff, curved bristles similar in shape to the head of bow rakes. Because of the shape, you can use either push or pull motions when clearing out dirt, leaves, and debris, while the stiff material used for the bristles (same ones they use to make string cutters) allow it to work on both lawns and paved surfaces alike even when they’re wet. Heck, you can even use it to sweep through uneven surfaces, as those narrow bristles can get into the tiniest nooks and crannies. Need something to clean your rock gardens and cobblestone walkways? This will do. How about getting dirt and dust off rugs and carpets? Yep, this can handle those, too.

It has a telescoping handle that can extend from 33 to 57 inches with a simple twist, making it functional for both taller and shorter individuals alike. You can also shorten it when cleaning rugs and carpets, then lengthen it to clear light snow off the roof, essentially expanding its potential uses in your home. Just resist the temptation to use it to clear snow off your car, since those bristles could damage your paint job if you’re anything but gentle.

The Claw Broom is easy to clean, with the bristles only requiring a hose-down in order to remove any attached dirt or dust. The head is detachable, too, allowing you to collapse it into a more compact pile when stashing it in the shed or inside a closet.

The Claw Broom is available now.

Claw Broom - Easy Push and Pull Design for Raking...
  • It’s perfect for stairs, uneven surfaces, and around Rocks