Wipe Shirt Cleans Your Glasses Without Any Scratches

Do you find yourself frequently wiping your glasses or your cellphone with your shirt? While there’s nothing wrong with that, the fabric of your clothing might not prove the most ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces, potentially leaving the area you wanted cleaned with some ugly scratches. Sure, you can always carry one of those micro-fiber wipers but let’s face it – you won’t. The Wipe Shirt combines the best of both worlds, arming a snazzy-looking shirt with an integrated wiping fabric.

Yep, they attached a wiping-friendly rug on your shirt and it actually works – both in a functional and a fashionable sense. The resulting threads don’t look half bad, with the separate fabric adding an accent that’s actually quite stylish. Plus, you can employ it to clean more than items in your pocket, clearing out fog in the mirror, a dirty windshield or a spot in your co-worker’s shiny bald head. Bling!

The Wipe Shirt comes in two models, one with the cleaning edge on the shirttail and another on the sleeve. Shirt is made from 100% cotton, while the special wiping area is constructed out of 2mm-thick microfibers with a leather feel. It supposedly removes both dust and grease very well, all while being gentle on the surface it’s touching.

There are a lot more details about the item from the retail site, but unless you can read Japanese, you’ll just have to admire the pictures. It’s like reading Playboy.  You can get either of the two Wipe Shirt styles in a full range of sizes from small to extra large, priced at ¥13,650.

[Mitsubai via Spoon & Tamago]