This Color Gradient Puzzle Has Pieces That Change Color To Keep You Frustrated


Some jigsaw puzzles are meant to be easy. Others are purposely designed to be challenging. Then there are the ones that just seem intent to frustrate the puzzle-loving masochists among us. The 1000 Changing Color Puzzle belongs in that last category.

Designed by Clemens Habicht, it’s a color gradient puzzle similar to his previous work that you will assemble by relying not just on the shapes, but on your intuitive sense of color. Of course, not everyone finds color gradient puzzles challenging, as there are people out there who work with colors on a frequent basis that will probably breeze through this. That’s why the puzzle comes with another twist.


The 1000 Changing Color Puzzle comes with pieces that were printed using a lenticular lens, allowing it to have two distinct colors of intersecting gradients, each of which you will see depending on the angle you look at it. That’s right, the darn thing will constantly shift colors as you move it, adding an extra layer of complexity to solving the puzzle. Granted, you can simply set it down and give your eyes time to settle, but that does slow the pace down extensively – something that could really test your patience. As such, they recommend the puzzle for teens and adults, as it may just end up frustrating children. Unless, of course, you’re playing with the young ones, as puzzles like this can make for a nice bonding activity.


As the name implies, the puzzle is made up of 1000 pieces, so this should offer a fair amount of challenge (not as much as a 32,000-piece puzzle, of course) even for longtime jigsaw puzzle fans. When finished, it measures 26.8 x 19 inches (height x width), with a finished print that looks good enough to show off somewhere around the house.


The 1000 Changing Color Puzzle is available now, priced at $99.

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