CleverMade CleverCrates Collapse Into Flat Piles When Not Tidying Up Your Home

Crates and boxes are great for organizing stuff. Whether in the bedroom, garage, or RV, having a bunch of containers to stick random stuff in can go a long way towards cleaning up an otherwise incorrigible mess. While most any kind of box will do the job, the CleverMade CleverCrates’ ability to pack flat when empty makes it just that much more attractive of an option.

Like any crate, it can serve as a catch-all container that you can use to stash all sorts of loose items, allowing you to easily tidy up even the messiest rooms.  Got all sorts of tools, supplies, and fasteners lying around the workshop? Throw them in these things. Same with the piles of paperwork at the office, the toys in your kids’ bedrooms, or the mess of barely-used electronics sitting in the media cabinet at home.

The CleverMade CleverCrates, of course, set itself apart from other containers by collapsing into a flat pile, allowing you to easily stack three or more empty crates under beds, couches, and other tight spaces, where they can lie dormant, ready to be pulled any time you realize you have too much clutter lying around any room. It has a clever collapsing design that folds the ends of the box inwards before folding the sides, creating a flat pile. The removable lid can then be placed underneath the flat-packed container to keep everything in one place or stored elsewhere.

Once deployed into a proper container form factor, the hinges all lock into place, with no need to add any extra components, making it easy to go from flat-packed to crate form. Since the hinged sections are on the ends and sides, none of the contents of the box should put any pressure on them (all the weight is on the bottom panel), so there’s no risk of the box collapsing accidentally, making it perfectly safe to use the box for transporting stuff.

The CleverMade CleverCrates are, naturaly, designed to pile neatly, with an interlocking nesting system on the opening, so they should stack in a stable manner, either with the lid or without. Carry handles on each end allow you to grip the crate with two hands when moving from one spot to another, while an open layout allows you to organize stuff inside any way you see fit. According to the outfit, the crate van even serve as a table in a pinch – just flip the thing over, put the lid on the bottom, and you’ve got yourself a raised flat surface for use in the garden, the lawn, or anywhere else around the house.

It comes in two sizes: 46 liters and 62 liters. The former measures 20.095 x 13.75 x 11.2 inches (width x depth x height) and can hold payloads of up to 75 pounds, while the latter measures 23.5 x 15.3 x 12.4 inches (width x depth x height) and supports up to 100 pounds’ worth of gear.

Want one? The CleverMade CleverCrates are available now.

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