CleverMade Tamarack Brings Premium Style To Folding Deck Chairs

Most folding chairs aren’t designed to be pretty – they’re extra furnishings you pull out when there are more people than usual in the house, then put back away once things return to normal. If you like your utilitarian stuff to be good-looking, too, though, then those plain steel folding chairs probably won’t work. You’ll probably appreciate something like the CleverMade Tamarack more.

Designed for patios, decks, and other outdoor areas of your home, the folding chair should instantly elevate any space it’s placed into, with its unique look and stylish build. Seriously, rarely do you see folding chairs that look this classy, making it an attractive addition to any part of the house. Plus, you can always just put it away in a closet when you don’t need it, making it just as utilitarian as those ugly steel folding chairs WWE wrestlers slam into each other’s heads.

The CleverMade Tamarack is, basically, a deck chair. Instead of a fabric seat and back rest like traditional examples, however, the entire thing is made from solid hardwood, which instantly makes it feel much more premium than the usual chairs you’ll have lying around in the backyard. It’s not as reclined as many deck chairs we’ve seen, although it’s sufficiently angled to let you kick back and relax if that’s what you feel like doing. According to the outfit, it can support up to 250 pounds, so aside from supporting you through your annual fat phase, you can also use it as utility bench for holding boxes and buckets when you’re doing work in the yard or garden.

The outfit claims the chair is equipped with an ergonomic bucket seat that should comfortably accommodate your body, all while being low-slung, making it ideal for stretching your legs and leaning back. Do note, because the seat is positioned quite low, taller individuals might not find it very comfortable, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to add this as an occasional chair in your home.

The CleverMade Tamarack comes fully built, so there’s no assembly required. Instead, it ships folded, so all you have to do is unfold it to begin using as soon as you unpack. While it doesn’t fully fold flat, it does collapse into a slim bundle that you can easily slide under furniture, rest out of the way against a wall, or push towards the back of a larger cabinet. Construction, by the way, is acacia, a hardwood that’s frequently used for building long-lasting pieces of furniture and houseware, so this is a quality piece in both design and material.

The chair is finished with a water-resistant wood seal, so you can keep it in the garden, poolside, and the backyard without worrying about getting the darn thing wet. Of course, even water-resistant treatments fade away over time, so it will probably still be best to fold it and keep it in a shed whenever it’s not in use, in case you want to extend the chair’s useful life.

The CleverMade Tamarack is available now.

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