Click And Grow Simplifies Gardening For The Digital Age

You grew up in the digital age.  So much so that you can’t comprehend anything that doesn’t have buttons.  You tried planting stevia once, but soil and seeds and a watering pot just left you confused.  If you’re still hoping to grow your own plants one of these days, you might find the Click and Grow a whole lot more suited to your 21st-century digital inclinations.

A computerized pot-and-plant system (no, really), it turns the whole business of gardening into a set-and-forget activity.  With minimal work needed (no daily watering, no fertilizers, no talking to plants), it actually sounds less of a chore than maintaining a plot of land in Farmville.

The Click and Grow system has two primary components: an electronic flowerpot (7.87 x 7.87 x 2.75 inches) and a cartridge.    The flowerpot comes armed with sensors and a microprocessor running the proprietary software that allows it to monitor the plant’s vitals and provide it with sustenance (e.g. water) as needed. Just leave it in a spot where it can soak in sunlight and leave it to grow.  Your only to-do additions is refilling the built-in water reservoir once a month and replacing the four AA batteries every 8 months.

Each flowerpot requires just one cartridge, which contains the seeds, nutrients and software necessary for the plant to grow.  If the plant dies, just replace the cartridge and watch a new one sprout in its place.  Currently available cartridges include Busy Lizzy, French Marigold, Basil Mix and Painted Nettle, with 50 more options on the way.

Pricing for the Click and Grow starter kit is €59, with new cartridges starting at €5.