Click Watches Feature Retro Circuit Switches For Control

Fans of retro-circuits can find much to love about these Click Watches, which feature the kinds of switches you can find in old school circuit boards as their primary control mechanism.  Plus, they look hopelessly geeky.

The watches come in two flavors: the DIP Switch and the Turn Switch.  As the names imply, the former features slide-style switches, while the latter gets a mechanical knob.  And, yes, they look exactly like the kind of components that were printed on circuit boards of old, so they’re quite tiny — best get those fingernails ready.

Flipping the Click Watch’s switches allows you to move through the different modes of the timepiece, which include 12 hour time display, 24 hour time display, a weird meter bar graph time display, date display, month display, day display and backlight.  The stainless steel case measures 42 x 35 mm, with the strip of LCD on the upper half and the tiny mechanical switches under it.  And just in case you miss the reference, they even designed the case to look like a real circuit board.

Both the DIP Switch and the Turn Switch are available in a variety of colors exclusively from Machismo.  You can get it with both ribbon and stainless steel bands, priced at $150 and $170, respectively.