Clinch Wallet Lets You Carry 30 Cards, Guarantees They Won’t Slip


How many cards can you fit in your pocket-sized wallet?  Whatever number you spouted, it still sucks, because the Clinch Wallet probably blows it in the water.  Capable of holding up to 30 credit cards, it’s the most convenient accessory to carry during one of your the-world-be-damned shopping sprees.

Sure, there are probably a couple other wallets that can hold the same number of plastics.  However, I’ve never seen one that remains as thin as this, even with all the compartments filled.   Thirty cards sound like they make a ridiculously thick pile, but it manages to keep the puffiness at bay by maximizing the use of space.


Created by Louis Kiss, the main selling point isn’t even the number of ID, ATM and credit cards you can finally carry around.  Instead, it’s the novel pocket design, which prevents all the cards from slipping.  Unlike traditional wallets where the contents are inserted from the top, the Clinch fits in everything from the side (either left or right).  As such, you’ll never have to deal with your Strip Club Patron’s Card falling out when you take out the wallet to pay for dinner with the wife.  Safe!


The Clinch Wallet measures 7.5 X 4.5 (W x H) when closed and opens to 11 inches of width.  It’s  made from heavy-duty polyester and comes with three larger pockets (for bills and passports).  They bundle it with a removable chain, just in case you like stuff hanging out from your pants.

Honestly, this thing had me at the thirty-card capacity.   It’s available for only $15.

[Clinch Wallet via The Awesomer]