Clip n Cook Makes Your Spatulas Modular, Better Organized

Some people hang their spatulas on a hook.  Others keep them in a kitchen drawer.  If you want something more organized that takes up less space, you might want to trade that up for the Clip n Cook.

A modular spatula system that makes organizing your food-flipping hand tools a whole lot simpler, the set comes with two handles and five heads.  Each handle can clip to any of the five heads, with a quick-release button for breaking them apart.

The Clip n Cook comes with a stainless steel storage block, with custom compartments for slipping in all seven components.   All the most common heads are covered, namely the classic flat spatula, the slotted variety (both the long and extra-wide), the flexible mixer and the slotted spoon.  That means, you get specialized spatulas for most common cooking needs, from fried eggs to fish to burgers to pasta to mixing batter.

Granted, getting your spatulas organized still leaves the rest of your kitchen hand tools in the original mess you’ve been keeping them in all this time.  With this thing, though, you’ll at least be taking the first step to a better kitchen.  Who knows, you might even get your life organized one of these days?  Nah, let’s not get out of control here…

The Clip n Cook available now, priced at $34.99.

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