Use The CLM 2 Floating Shelf To Make 20-Pound Objects Fly

The CLM 2 is a levitating display shelf that lets you make objects of all sorts look like they’re floating a few inches up in the air. It’s awesome. Simply set an item down on top of the floating disc and, boom, it’s immediately got that David Blaine magic going on.

Made by Crealev, this is, basically, the exact same tech that the company employs to make objects levitate in museums and product booths (and, we’re guessing, the same tech used in this levitating lamp). And it’s seriously powerful, able to buoy up items as heavy as 22 pounds. Look at this video from Brasspup to see how much weight it can handle:

The Crealev CLM 2 consists of a non-floating base that you lay down on a surface and a carrier disc that will float on top of the base. Without any additional weight, the disc can float at a height of 3.4 inches from the base, going down slightly for every extra heft that gets added onto it. With the maximum 22 pounds load on, it can float a single inch off the ground; at half of that, it will float at a height of 1.9 inches.

To set up, simply plug the base into a wall outlet, then put the carrier a short height on top of it with the rubber side down. At the right height and positon, the base and the carrier will lock in, leaving your floating magical disc ready for action. Oh yeah, these things contain powerful magnets, so best not put the wallet with your credit cards on that thing. Everything else under the weight limit (like a tablet stand with your iPad in it), however, should be fair game.

No pricing is listed for the Crealev CLM 2, but you can request a quote directly from the website. For reference, their floating smartphone stand, which handles a puny 5.6 pounds, already costs €690, so expect to pay a tidy sum for this thing.

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