Clock A Day Turns A Dry-Erase Board Into A Customizable Timepiece


Bored with your wall or desk clock? Rock a new one regularly with Clock A Day, a clever timepiece that you can literally outfit to your fancy whenever you feel like it.

A small, personal-size whiteboard with a fully-functional timepiece mechanism installed, the contraption sports a three-handed analog clock on the left-hand side of the panel, while leaving the right-hand area clear. All surfaces can take a regular whiteboard marker, allowing it to be written on and cleaned up like any common dry erase board.

The Clock A Day measures 9 x 12 inches, with the clock portion taking about half of that. You can use the rest of the surface area as a reminder board (as with the sample above) or extend the clock’s design throughout the whole panel. Either way, this is probably the simplest customizable wall-clock design we’ve come across – it’s simply brilliant.

Remember the Trace Of Time day planner clock? You can definitely use this to perform a similar function, although you’ll only get 12 hours at a time and you’ll have to manually do the cleaning off. You can draw whatever face you want for the clock, decking it out in any crazy designs you manage to come up with. Once you tire with it, simply pick up a dry eraser and wipe it off to start anew. If you’ve got decent art skills, you can probably come up with some nifty illustrations to decorate it in attractive ways (if you don’t, then, at least it, will look original).

Those with a blank space up their wall where a clock should be can try to get the Clock A Day from Etsy, though it looks to be sold out for the moment.   Alternatively, you can take apart a clock and rig it in a board that you can get from an office supplies store.  Probably not that difficult, right?

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