Clone Brews Show You How To Copy Your Favorite Beer’s Taste

Want to homebrew your beer, but can’t bear leaving the taste of your favorite bottled store fare?  Grab a copy of Clone Brews and learn how to recreate the taste of popular brand name beers the world over.

A bible for beer drinkers with less exotic inklings, it shows you to how to enjoy homebrewing without embracing a more adventurous palate.  Over 200 beers are available for your experimentation, ranging from American pale ales to strong-hopped India pale ales to wheat beers to English bitters.

This second edition paperback of Clone Brews adds 50 new flavors to the 150 recipes in the original book.   Spanning 439 pages, it covers such popular beverages as the Guinness Extra Stout, Dos Equis and Foster’s Lager.  Apart from straight brewing recipes, the book features mashing guidelines, extract instructions, and detailed reviews of materials and ingredients, allowing you to experiment on your own when trying to recreate a taste.  There’s also a food pairing section, so you can pick up the perfect grub to go with your homebrewed specials.

Still authored by the original husband-and-wife duo of Mark and Tess Szamatulski, the book is the result of over 20 years of testing and tasting, with the help of their homebrew supply shop customers, to come up with the best-matching clones.  Of course, homebrewing also means you’ll have to get off your ass and do real work on your free time, which isn’t even half as lazy as calling up a grocery delivery service to bring beers to your doorstep.

At any rate, not everyone is a lazy couch potato who just wants a damn beer.  Some people actually appreciate slaving for the malt that touches their lips.  For you hardworking folks, Clone Brews should prove an exciting addition to your library.

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