This Clear Beverage Is Made From Nothing But Coffee And Water


Coffee is delicious and indispensable when you need something to help shake out the cobwebs all throughout the day. It’s also notoriously nasty on the teeth, leaving stains that aren’t quite that flattering on your pearly whites.  That won’t be a problem with CLR CFF.

We know, the name is off-putting. The product, however, definitely isn’t, as it’s real coffee sans the dark coffee color, so it won’t stain your teeth like your four-cups-a-day habit normally does. Seriously, this looks more like flavored water than a delicious hit of caffeine, making it quite the unique drink.


How the heck did they make colorless coffee? We don’t know. According to CLR CFF, they use a production method that has never been employed before, using nothing but high-quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water as their ingredients. It contains no preservatives, no sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no stabilizers – just pure coffee and water that, somehow, doesn’t look like coffee whatsoever.


It comes in 200 ml bottles, each of which holds four calories and 100 mg of caffeine, so it should make for a serious hit. As for the taste, they claim it’s something entirely different, so you might want to try one first before deciding on whether to add sugar, milk, or anything to the mix.

Available now, the CLR CFF is priced at £5.99 for two bottles.

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