Coastermatic Puts Instagram In Your Coasters

Printing your Instagram photos into real-life items seems like a booming cottage business, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing plenty of services that do just that, such as Image Snap and Stitchagram.  Coastermatic’s Instagram Coasters definitely go into my favorite pile.

Why would you want coasters with your Instagram uploads on them?  We’re not sure.  For some reason, though, I feel like drinking that stale beer on that lonely Wednesday night will be a whole lot better when they sit on top of coasters printed with digitally-filtered images of my favorite photographic subjects.

Coastermatic uses round sandstone coasters, so it should perform to the same quality as most standard coasters in the market.  Since it’s round, your photos are cropped at the corners to fit before being digitally printed onto the surface.    They use dot-matrix printers, so if you look closely, you’ll see the pixels in the images.  While that may sound like a negative, I actually find it a lot more suitable for Instagram’s pseudo lo-fi images.

Do note that like most coasters, this isn’t dishwasher safe, so you’ll probably have to use them up until they’re ugly and stained then relegate them to the trash.  Or you can try washing them while praying the foam backing doesn’t give out.  I’m sure that works sometimes.

You can order a set of four Coastermatic coasters with different images from your Instagram account each, priced at $25.

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