Coat Hingers Make the Coat Hanger Foldable to Maximize Limited Closet Space

Many of us know Simone Giertz for her goofy robot videos on YouTube, where she employs her deadpan humor to present mechanical robots to help automate various everyday tasks. For her newest creation, though, the Swedish inventor isn’t just looking to make an amusing video. Instead, she’s looking to bring the Yetch Coat Hingers to actual production.

Described as “foldable coat hangers,” it’s an erstwhile regular hanger designed to fit a single garment that you can hang in a closet much like the countless plastic and metal hangers you can get at the store. Except, this one is hinged in the middle, allowing it to fold itself in half with whatever garment it’s holding along with it, allowing it to fit in a shallower space than traditional coat hangers.

The Yetch Coat Hingers, basically, cut the standard coat hanger into two halves, then connected them with a plastic hinge in the middle allowing you to fold them in half. To use, you put a shirt on it, much like any regular hanger, then fold it in half, so you’re essentially hanging the shirt while it’s folded, allowing it to take up half the space as a traditional hanger. That means, you can fit two parallel garment rods in the same closet space and line them both up with folded shirts. If you’re using a wardrobe rack, you can also push them closer to the wall than usual, allowing you to free up valuable floor space in the room. Will this leave your clothing item with a crease in the middle? Probably not, since you don’t really fold them tightly, so any wrinkling it causes will be minimal

Even better, the hook actually sits in one end of the folded hanger, rather than in the middle, allowing you to hang a folded shirt sideways on a bracket that’s literally right next to the wall. Seriously, you just need enough separation to fit the hook on the hanger and you’re set, allowing you to easily turn an empty patch of wall into a functional clothing rack.

The Yetch Coat Hingers are made from stainless steel, similar to traditional wire hangers, with a thicker build that should allow it to support heavier coats with no problem. You can also use it like a traditional hanger to hang clothes without folding, in case you have pieces of clothing you need to hang that just won’t lend themselves to folding in half. Each set of hangers also come with silicone stoppers that you can add onto the hangers to prevent clothes with low necklines and thin straps from slipping off.

Since they don’t exactly make closets for foldable hangers like this one, they’re also selling bracket kits in two sizes that you can use to add a hanging rod onto any empty wall. They also sell a shelf kit that combines the bracket with a shelf on top for additional storage, although that’s only available in one size (can fit 12 of the folded hangers).

A Kickstarter is currently running for the Yetch Coat Hingers. You can reserve a set for pledges starting at $75 for a dozen pieces.

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