Cockpit Flight Simulator Looks Professional And Fun At The Same Time

Most flight sim enthusiasts slowly build up their “piloting” setups.  If you have neither the time nor the inclination to put together a worthy pilot’s compartment piece by piece, this Cockpit Flight Simulator sounds like a perfect one-time purchase.

Bundling everything you need to start flying virtual planes, this assembly will let you turn any spare corner of the house into your very own private cockpit.  It’s a standalone setup, too, so you don’t need to hook it up with any of your existing systems, allowing for peaceful and distraction-free piloting sessions.

The Cockpit Flight Simulator comes with all the controls any upstart flight sim enthusiast can ask for:   yoke, thrust levers, dual rudder pedals, along with a mass of toggles and buttons.  The padded flight seat is hoisted atop a raised platform, with quick adjustment options for seat angle and distance from the pedals.

Two LCD monitors are set up right in front — a 28-inch widescreen panel for watching the action and a 20-inch panel under it for the instrument panels.  A 5.1-channel speaker setup is strategically integrated, allowing for instant surround sound enjoyment without having to mount anything up your walls.   Bundled gaming machine is a Dell Studio XPS desktop computer, with both Windows 7 and Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X Gold pre-installed.

Since the Cockpit Flight Simulator comes with a Windows PC instead of a console, you should be able to quickly close your game when you’re too dizzy from flying and do regular computer stuff (you know, like trolling YouTube and stalking girls on Facebook) without leaving your seat.    It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $7,000.

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