Coconut Paddle Redesigns The Ping Pong Racket For A Unique Precision Grip


We don’t know if it really will work better than traditional ping pong rackets, but one look at the Coconut Paddle does make it seem like it’s sure worth giving a try. If it works, then the darn thing definitely steps up your game; if it doesn’t, then you can, at least, have the most killer-looking paddle in your gear stash.

Instead of a club-style handle like traditional table tennis bats, it comes with an original handle that looks more weird than functional. While the handle shape seems odd, it claims to provide a more secure and natural grip, all while keeping all your fingers away from the blade to ensure at no point can they come in contact with the ball in the heat of play.


The Coconut Paddle’s unusual handle shape allows players to grip it like they’re gripping a ball for throwing, with the hole under the blade allowing you to stick a finger in to maintain a more secure hold. The result is a playing stroke that more resembles punching than tennis swings – whether that’s a good thing or not is probably to a player’s individual opinion. Each paddle comes with a pair of removable foam inserts (that rock-like thing in the center of the handle), allowing it to be easily adjusted for use by both right- and left-handed players. Construction is amber edge grain bamboo wood for the handle and three-ply bamboo for the blade.


Available now, the Coconut Paddle is priced at $108.

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