Cocoon Tree Hanging Tent Looks Like A Flying Orb

We’ve extolled many times on the virtues of hanging tents.  Not only is your dwelling spared from ground critters and mud, it keeps you out of reach from many wild animals and zombies, too.  If you want something more elegant than the camping-friendly Tentsile Tent, you’ll probably appreciate this gorgeous Cocoon Tree.

Unlike most hanging tents, this isn’t really the kind of thing hikers can take on a trip for impromptu camping duties.  Instead, it’s being marketed to lodges and resorts, complete with a full-service setup and maintenance crew to help you every step of the way.

The Cocoon Tree is an orb-shaped luxury tent measuring 9.84 feet in diameter.    Frame is made from 24 aluminum rods bent into a curved shape, while the body is cast in waterproof tarpaulin.  To mount, it is hung above ground using 12 ropes — six for suspension and another six for lateral stability.  The entire structure can support up to 2 tons of weight, with a bed sized to fit four people (2 adults, 2 kids).

Don’t trust things that hang way high off the ground?  Not to worry, the rig can be installed with a safety net below, so you don’t have to fall to a sudden death even if you accidentally fall off while sleepwalking at night.  And if you don’t trust nets either, the entire thing can be installed closer to the ground on a platform with  feet similar to  the lunar lander (so it looks like a UFO that just got on the ground).

No pricing or availability has been announced for the Cocoon Tree, but you can read more about it from the official website.

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