Code Mode Light Is A “Do Not Disturb” Sign For Programmers

Sure, you can hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign when you’re in the zone, but we doubt it will stop the self-important and inconsiderate clowns in the office from disturbing you when they feel the need to assert their ego into your space. The Code Mode Light won’t keep them from infringing on your flow either, but at least it looks way cooler than an old-school signboard. Hey, that counts for something.

A light-up wall-mounted sign for programmers, it lets you alert everyone that you’re neck-deep in serious coding work (as opposed to reading your Twitter dashboard in spreadsheet form) in a way that looks both stylish and official. Again, even an official-looking sign isn’t likely to stop any douchenozzle from coming up behind you and screaming in your ear, but you could get lucky and discourage someone every now and again, which should be worth the trouble.

Designed by Jessica Hische and made by Pallete Industries, the Code Mode Light is actually a lighting fixture, with a transluscent vinyl face bearing the “IN CODE MODE” message. To switch on, simply pull the string at the bottom and the sign immediately lights up, alerting people to the current situation of your head being lost in a sea of if-then-else logic, object classes, and SQL commands. Construction is powder-coated hand-spun steel for the body and powder-coated aluminum for the back panel. It uses a custom 9-watt Cree LED MCPCB light engine. Dimensions are 16 x 16 x 7.5 inches (h x w x d).

Produced in a limited edition run of 100, the Code Mode Light retails for a pricey $219.

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