COI+ LEGO Power Brick 4200mAh Charger: Even External Batteries Can Be Fun

External batteries are utilitarian things, letting you grab a hit of juice for your phone even without an open outlet for miles.  But who says they can’t be fun, too?  Certainly not odd-gadget purveyor Brando (yes, those guys that sell everything from Creepy Spy Cams to USB Itch-Removal Gadgets to Air Multiplier knockoffs), who just added this COI+ LEGO Power Brick to their inventory.

An erstwhile regular power bank (or external battery), it comes housed in a case that can be used to attach standard LEGO bricks.  As such, you can decorate it with your own LEGO creations, similar to the monstrosities you create along the body of your LEGO Mug.  And, yes, you should totally attach this power bank to the LEGO Mug and create an even more ridiculous contraption.

The COI+ LEGO Power Brick measures 72 x 120 x 13 mm, with a weight of 115 grams.  Inside the construction toy shell sits a 4200 mAh battery capable of charging both smartphones and tablets, with the USB ports situated on the edge and the power button (along with indicator lights) hiding at the bottom.  It comes with numerous construction bricks that you can use to custom-build different types of stands and supports to hold the devices you’re charging.

Oh yeah, this not an official LEGO product, just in case you’re concerned with those sorts of matters.  Regardless, it definitely looks all sorts of entertaining.  The COI+ LEGO Power Brick is available in red, yellow, blue, and black, priced at $49.

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