Coin Bank Puts Your Change On Centerstage

Do you still keep a piggy bank?  You’re probably too old for that now.  Bust that ceramic hog, collect all the change and get yourself a a stylish Coin Bank instead, which turns all the coins you’re saving up into an attractive decorative piece for your home.

Instead of letting change sit in a plastic container or a glass jar on your table, the Coin Bank lets you integrate them into your home’s decor.  As it turns out, coins look fairly eyecatching when arranged side by side (in a chaotic manner) and that’s exactly what this unique home fixture does.

Essentially a holding frame for your change, it resembles a standing mirror, although it sports a see-thru glass similar to a picture frame.  Rather than slip pictures underneath the panel, however, you drop coins in, allowing them to stack up edgewise.  The result is an unusual coin repository that’s at least ten times cooler than anything else you’ve probably used to hold all those nickels and pennies.

You put in coins via a slot right up top, letting the coin fall down wherever it may please (with the help of a few spacers along the way).  Come time to collect your treasure (or to get change for a pack of gum), simply pull out the padlock securing the bottom and let the bounty fall.

Want one?  Unfortunately for you,  the Coin Bank is just a prototype, though I can’t imagine any decent carpenter not being able to put one together.

[Revol Design ]