Cold Shoulder Ice Vest Uses Cold Exposure To Help You Burn Up To 500 Calories A Day


The concept of using ice for weight loss isn’t new. From eating ice to wearing ice packs to taking ice baths, many people have explored the potential of ice for ramping up the body’s metabolism. So far, though, we haven’t seen a consumer product take advantage of it. Until now, that is, with the introduction of the Cold Shoulder Ice Vest.

Created by university professor Wayne B. Hayes, it’s a vest with integrated ice packs designed to subject the body to continuous mild cold exposure. The idea is to make your body work harder to maintain a normal body temperature, forcing it to burn more calories than it normally would.


The Cold Shoulder is an erstwhile ordinary-looking vest, albeit with multiple pockets stitched onto the inner lining, all strategically located along the shoulder and upper back areas. Each of these pockets contain ice packs, which deliver the chilly temperature to your body once the vest is worn. Like other ice pack products, you’ll need to keep the vest in the freezer when not in use for 6 to 8 hours, then wear it until the cold temperature has completely dissipated (about an hour and a half). Following these directions twice a day can reportedly help users to burn as much as 500 additional calories within a 24-hour period.


Unlike many weight loss regimens based on “ice therapy,” the Cold Shoulder is designed to work mildly, so you don’t get the same nasty side-effects from cold exposure as other methods (like bathing in a tub full of ice). They also advise to wear the vest over a shirt to protect your skin from coming in direct contact with the low temperature.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Cold Shoulder Ice Vest. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $135. Now, if only they can make the vests as good-looking as Nike’s Windrunner Vest, you might actually dare to wear this in public.

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