Coldwave Beverage Chiller Turns Hot Coffee Into Undiluted Iced Coffee In Just Two Minutes


Yes, you can dump ice on a pot of freshly-brewed coffee and call it iced coffee. You wouldn’t be wrong. However, it also isn’t likely to be good. Sure, blast chilling is a good way to get that hot coffee cold, although we’re yet to see a residential kitchen that’s actually outfitted with one. The Coldwave Beverage Chiller offers a simple solution that’s perfectly suited for use at home.

No, it’s not another appliance. It’s not some fancy contraption designed to perform some clever trick, either. Instead, it’s a pitcher that cools any beverage in it down using an ice-filled insert, making it as simple and straightforward as you can imagine. We know, that sounds so simple, it’s nuts that no similar product came before it.


The Coldwave Beverage Chiller consists of a transparent pitcher and an insert designed to fit the pitcher in a flush manner. The pitcher has a 16oz marker, which is the maximum amount of beverage you should pour in it before putting the insert in. Any more than 16oz and you’re running in risk of the pitcher overflowing, so it’s important to stay within the confines of the line. The insert, on the other hand, is made up of multiple plastic tubes that you’re supposed to fill with water and place in the freezer before using.

Because the insert has gaps built-in between the tubes, the coffee ends up filling in those gaps when it’s placed in the pitcher. This allows it to chill the coffee at a heightened speed, compared to using similar solutions like chiller stones. According to the outfit, doing this can chill 16oz of coffee at a piping hot 380 degrees Fahrenheit in just two minutes, so you can literally place the insert, read your Twitter feed for a bit, and come back to a ready serving of iced coffee. From there, you just pour the coffee into your drinking vessel and you’re set.


The Coldwave Beverage Chiller is BFA-free, so it’s perfectly safe to use with your beverage, with the plastic imparting absolutely zero taste, so all it will do is lower your coffee’s temperature and nothing more. The catch? Once you cool down 16oz of coffee, the insert becomes unusable, so you can only use a set to make one serving at a time. As such, if you want to make multiple servings, you’re going to have to get multiple units. Once cleaned up (it’s dishwasher-safe) and refilled with water, by the way, the insert can be placed in the freezer and be filled with ice in just an hour.


While obviously designed for coffee, it can be used to chill most any kind of beverage you want to enjoy cold. Whether you’re drinking wine, soda, or an energy drink you forgot to refrigerate, this thing will let you cool it down without waiting 30 minutes. According to the outfit it can chill room temperature drinks in as little time as 30 seconds.

Want one? The Coldwave Beverage Chiller is available now.

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