Coleman OneSource Heated Stadium Seat Turns The Hardest, Coldest Bleachers Into A Comfy Chair

Plopping down on the bleachers is fine and all, but sitting on a hard bench with no backrest just isn’t the most comfortable way to enjoy a game. And that’s true whether you’re watching an NBA game from the nosebleeds or a local high school game at the school stadium. Maybe you can make your time at the game feel just a bit more accommodating with the Coleman OneSource Heated Stadium Seat.

That’s right, it’s a portable seat that you can secure on top of less-than-comfortable benches, chairs, and tailgates, giving the erstwhile uninviting surfaces a more restful and enjoyable vibe. From park benches and local ball fields to tailgate parties and backcountry campsites, this thing can turn a good load of hard and flat surfaces into a proper seat bearing a few more creature comforts for a more enjoyable time.

The Coleman OneSource Heated Stadium Seat is a collapsible seat and backrest that can fold into a flat bundle the size of a briefcase (well… a big briefcase), making it easy to keep in the boot of the car and carry by hand to the local stadium when you’re watching a game. Both the seat and the back rest are cushioned, so they’ll be a lot more comfortable than the hard benches you’ll find in bleachers, beaches, and parks, with the steel frame providing a rigid structure, so it will hold upright when you plop down and sink your body weight on it.

To use, simply unfold the seat and use the hooks at the bottom to secure it to the bench. According to the outfit, the hooks should wrap around the base of most benches, adding stability to your seat, so you can freely move around without risk of having it fall over. In case the hooks won’t quite fit on the base, you should be able to use it by simply setting it down on top, as well, albeit without the added ability to hold its place.

The Coleman OneSource Heated Stadium Seat has a heated seat with three adjustable temperature settings, namely low (113 degrees Fahrenheit), medium (123 degrees), and high (133 degrees), along with a dynamic pulse setting that switches between the different temperatures. To protect all those electronics, the entire thing is upholstered in a weather resistant fabric with a non-toxic PU coating, so it should shrug off any rain or spilled drink it encounters.

It’s powered by a Coleman OneSource battery, which you can place and remove on the dock at any time, so you can easily swap batteries on the fly. There are two battery docks, too, allowing you to equip it with two power modules to double the runtime. According to the outfit, a single battery can activate the heating for 1.5 hours on high, 3 hours on low, and 2.5 hours on pulse. And yes, you can use those same batteries for any other OneSource product (such as Coleman’s Tent), all while pulling double duty as a power bank for charging your USB devices.

The Coleman OneSource Heated Stadium Seat is available now, priced at $120.

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